Creating concepts that work

With 15 years of experience in UX design, the time has come to find my own projects. I love solving complex puzzles and create concept visualisations, ranging from high-level concepts maps to user journeys, service blueprints and finally sitemaps and wireframes.

Pen and paper is always the starting point, and depending on the client's requirements, these can be made digital and/or interactive in a number of different ways. I am a big fan of putting concepts and designs in front of users before things are actually built.

If you are looking for someone to visualise your ideas, wondering whether there is a better solution for the problem you are facing, or just need a hand in designing an application or a website - I can help!

Some of my recent work can be found below soon...

Recent Work - interaction design specs

Full specifications for the new website. - concept design

Concepts for the new website, including testable interactive prototypes. - dashboard concepts

Concepts for a new dashboard environment for Giarte.

GriDD - concept design consultancy

Collaborated on the creation of concepts for the new B2B website of a large multi-national, based on a huge body of research. - Application design

Added functionality for the recently redesigned Action Client application.

eBay innovation workshop

Setup and running an innovation workshop for a large group of product managers within the eBay Classifieds Group.

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